Toys For Kids That Have Everything

Toys For Kids That Have Everything

It is incredibly difficult to shop for a gift for a kid who has everything. It feels like regular old gifts will imply not cut it anymore when compared to more impressive options. Buying an impressive gift which is both affordable and fun is not as difficult as it may seem, it just requires some thinking outside the box.

What To Do When Your Kid Has Every Toy Imaginable

It doesn’t have to be difficult to decide on a toy for your child, even if their toy collection is reaching absurd sizes. If you decide to purchase a gift which is still fun but a little out of the ordinary, it should be a guaranteed success. As long as your child is not too picky with their toys, it should be relatively simple to find an unorthodox option that they will still enjoy.

The best part about purchasing your children other types of toys is that they can often be educational in addition to amusing. If your child has a toy collection which is massive, it can be a good idea to purchase them a toy which can be both fun and educational.

Kid with too many toys.

When we discuss educational toys, we don’t mean those toys which are little more than cloaked classroom lessons. We mean something further along the lines of enjoyable yet still definitively educational for your young ones.

There are few better choices when it comes down to finding a gift for a child who has too many toys. An educational gift which remains fun will have a lasting impact on their intelligence, and it will also challenge them in different ways that other toys and video games will not.

While an educational toy is not guaranteed to maintain your child’s attention, it will have many positive aspects if it does maintain their attention. The key to making sure that your child’s educational toy is used is to ensure that it is fun to use. Kids are not fools, they know when they are having fun, so let them.

The key is letting them have fun while they learn instead of pretending that an unenjoyable educational game is amusing. On the flipside, you also do not want to purchase them too many toys which are entirely mindless and will have little to no impact on their overall intellectual progression.

Assuming your child already has a large number of toys, they will likely already have a decent number of toys that are not educationally oriented; this is why it helps to switch it up. We will now move on to some of the specific options we would recommend for a child who has everything.

What Is An Hourglass?

An hourglass, also known as a sand timer is a type of timer that works by letting a small amount of sand or other granular material flow through a small opening in the middle. Once all of the grains have fallen through the middle of the hourglass, the designated time has elapsed, and you may flip it back over.

Sand timers can have quite a few applications for younger children. Primarily, you can teach them about time without them having to worry about reading clock properly. Instilling a sense of time in your children early on is a great way to ensure that they develop good time management skills, one of the most important skills to develop early on.


The design of hourglasses has remained somewhat constant for quite a long time. When they were first invented, hourglasses lacked their iconic look, with a thin part of the glass in the middle connecting them. This is due to them being connected through alternative means, such as tubes and other methods.

Soon it was discovered that using tubes could lead to moisture infiltrating the sand and slowing down if not stopping the hourglass entirely.

This was when it was decided to simply mold the hourglass into a one-piece body which makes it almost impossible for moisture to infiltrate the glass and ruin the sand timer.

While the design of the bulbs themselves hasn't changed much, you can still find sand timers which are rather different from each other regarding looks.

These can vary from models with straight-sided bulbs which still feature a narrow neck between them to full on classic hourglasses with the curved shape and intricate craftsmanship that makes them so beloved.

Orange hourglass.

When it comes to hourglasses for children, however, durability reinforcement is key. As I am sure we all know, younger children are indelicate when it comes to handling fragile objects. The reasonable solution, in this case, would be to render the object (the sand timer) very hard to damage, even when trying.

When it comes to sand timers, they are products which can cause a rather unfortunate mess when broken, so reinforcement is key if you plan on giving one to your child.


Believe it or not, most sand timers do not use sand to measure time. They are named so because the material inside of them often resembles sand but, unfortunately, sand is one of the less consistent materials which can be used in a sand timer. This is due to the varying size of the grains.

When the size of sand grains can change, it makes it much harder to measure out a good amount of sand to measure a given amount of time. This also means that there may be slight variations in the time it takes for the sand to flow through your hourglass, depending on the order that the grains go through.

Modern hourglasses use either small glass beads or marble dust to ensure that there is a consistent flow through the mouth. This ensures that your hourglass will not jam up and that it will keep time in a very consistent manner. When it comes to timepieces, consistency is key.

It may seem slightly counterintuitive that sand timers do not use sand at all, but they have not used sand for quite some time. The name has simply stuck due to the resemblance to the sand of most materials which are commonly used.

There are still high-quality hourglasses which make use of very fine sands, but these tend to be expensive and more about prestige than the hourglasses we are discussing for use as children's toys.

Learning Toy For Kids

Hourglasses are primarily useful as toys for younger children, as the sand slowly being filtered down can hold their attention surprisingly well. Even I sometimes get mesmerized while watching an hourglass countdown the moments. An hourglass is also a surprisingly educational toy.

Most children have a somewhat vague understanding of the passage of time. Think back to your childhood, do you remember how long a few minutes used to feel? An hourglass can give your children a more concrete idea about the passage of time.

Beyond simply teaching your children about time, it can also give your children a basic understanding of physics. An hourglass does function entirely due to gravity, after all. As you can see, and the hourglass is both educational and fun.

Why Is An Hourglass Great For Your Kid?

Due to the combination of the above factors, you can see that an hourglass is both informative and fun to use for younger children. Once children start to get older, they may grow slightly bored with it, but an hourglass is more than just a toy. When your young one starts to grow bored with it as a toy, it can always be used for its intended purpose as a timer.

Blue and pink hourglass with smiley face.

Using an hourglass as a timer is its main purpose, and there is no reason it cannot be put to use in that specific capacity for your child. Whether you want to time homework sessions, cleanup sessions or anything else, an hourglass is a fun and interesting way to count the time.

An hourglass is by far more interactive and interesting for a younger child than your typical digital timer that you find on your phone. This means that your child will be more willing to try and get things done within the constraints of the timer as opposed to simply viewing it as a chore.

Why Is A Kite A Great Gift For Any Kid?

A kite is an excellent choice of gift for your child if you find that they have too many typical toys. Whereas other toys do not typically promote exercise and getting outside, kites are the exact opposite. It is impossible to use a kite indoors, so there is no better incentive to get your young ones out and about.

Kites are also very versatile toys, depending on the type of kite you would like to purchase. You could purchase your child a more ornamental kite, such as an octopus or dragon kite. These ornamental kites may not have the most efficient performance, but they certainly are a sight to behold when they fly.

You also have the option of kites with better performance. These kites are typically not as attractive as other options, but they are also far more efficient when it comes to aerodynamics and other performance capacities. These flights may not resemble beautiful works of art like dragon and octopus kites, but they make up for it.

The type of kite that your young one would prefer is entirely up to their preferences. While most children would prefer a kite which is beautiful and eye-catching, do not underestimate the value of a kite with excellent performance. Flying a typical kite may get a little repetitive for your young one, so a better performing kite is a good way to keep the activity fresh and enjoyable.

If you decide to teach your young one to use a sport or stunt kite, you will find that there is plenty to learn about doing tricks and making an impressive display out of their flight. The joy of learning to do tricks with a stunt kite can not be undervalued, as it is a learning experience for your child, and it may be one for you as well.

A Toy That Has Existed For Centuries

The kite is a toy that has a long and storied history. When first invented, the kite was as far from a toy as possible. The kite was invented in China around the 3rd century BC, making it one of the oldest toys still in use. Among the many historical uses of the kite, a good number of them were either related to science or military applications.

Kite in the air.

These applications ranged from signaling for distant armies to scientific applications used to measure the effects of the wind at higher altitudes. Regardless of their uses, kites have only grown into the role of toys relatively recently. Before the 19th or 20th centuries, kites were rarely used as toys, mostly fulfilling the same purposes they had for the previous 2000 years.

As you can see, few toys have such an interesting history behind them. In fact, kites are still used for more applications than the amusement of children. They can be used for various needs, such as studies about the weather, or as antennae for amateur ham radio operators.

Benefits Of A Kite Over Usual Toys Like Bicycles

There are many benefits to kites over other kinds of toys which promote going outside and exercising. We would say that the first advantage to a kite is the experience that you share with your child teaching them how to use it. Regardless of whether you choose to build their kite with them or buy it in store, you will find that it is a bonding experience for you and your child.

This is not only so for the assembly process, but also for the process of learning how to fly a kite. Whether you know how to fly kites or not already, you will find that it is an educational experience for both you and your child. Few things rival the feeling of imparting knowledge onto your young one.

There are other advantages to using a kite as a toy besides the chance to learn together with your child. Kites are also educational toys, as they will teach your child the basics of aerodynamics and the interactions between the wind and flying objects such as kites.

While this may not seem like an area of education which can have many practical uses at first, it may just spark a lifelong love of flying for your child. You never know what you may enjoy until you try it. It is important to give your young ones a chance to try everything they can to see what they will and will not enjoy.

There are also the social benefits of owning a kite. Unlike a bicycle or a tricycle, which is a relatively common sight for a younger children’s toy, a kite is a bit of a rare sight in parks. This means that many other children will be interested in your young one’s kite, which is an easy way for your child to make new friends.

3D Magnetic Tiles

Another product which is an excellent choice if you are looking for a toy that is a bit out of the ordinary is a box of magnetic tiles. These are similar to building bricks and traditional tiles such as legos or mega blocks, but they use magnetism instead of interlocking bumps to stick together.

There are many advantages to magnetic tiles over other forms of more traditional tiles. The first advantage is that the inclusion of magnets makes them far easier to attach and detach from each other compared to legos. We all know how hard it is to take apart legos once they have been put together. With magnetic tiles, you will not have this issue.

The next advantage to magnetic tiles is that they do not have preset instructions and predefined forms. This allows your child to more effectively exercise their creative talent because they are free to make their creations. A toy which stimulates your child's imagination is an excellent choice for both younger and older kids alike.

StuffKidsLove Magnetic Tiles

Regarding educational aspects, magnetic tiles are a good way to teach your kids the basics of shapes and solids. This means that they will have a working knowledge of geometry from a young age, making math classes that much easier for them.

A hands-on approach is an excellent way to ensure that your children learn the most about shapes, as opposed to a theoretical method of learning.

Why Are Magnetic Tiles Better Than Minecraft

We are sure that you have heard of Minecraft by now, but we will give it a short rundown, just in case. Minecraft is a video game in which you can create a wide variety of structures and digital constructs.

Depending on the mode you choose, you may either survive in the wild and build settlements, or you can simply choose a mode to create that which you please with unlimited resources.

Minecraft is an excellent way to ensure that your children understand the fundamentals of building and creating objects, but there are still some flaws. The main flaw is that it is still a videogame, and children are spending more and more time in front of screens. While Minecraft may feel hands on, it still takes place in a digital world.

Magnetic tiles are the equivalent of a real life game of Minecraft with a little bit of education mixed in. Unlike Minecraft, magnetic tiles are real and can be physically interacted with by your young one. This allows them to get a better grasp of the things they are learning from the magnetic tiles, instead of simply looking at them the way they would look at a videogame.

Magnetic tiles also bring in the aspect of geometrical education, whereas everything in Minecraft is in the shape of simple cubes. If you are looking for a way to get your child unglued from the TV or computer monitor, there are few better options than a real life version of the games that they are playing.

Benefits Of Magnetic Tiles Over Tablets, Game Consoles, Etc.

Magnetic tiles are a much better choice than digital games because they are actual physical toys. This means that it will be easier for your child to retain the lessons they learn while using magnetic tiles because it is real life as opposed to a video game.

As your child grows older, they will be spending more than enough time on computers and other digital devices anyway. It makes sense to let your young one experience physical toys while they are still young, as it gives them a method of tactile learning, as opposed to digital learning.

While game consoles and tablets do have their advantages, these can easily be found in other digital devices such as laptops and even phones. Why invest in another form of digital technology when you can get your child something new and different?

StuffKidsLove Magnetic Tiles

As you can see, there are several advantages to choosing magnetic tiles over digital games and other similar options. You may as well allow your child to enjoy the benefits of physical toys while they are still young enough to enjoy them because they will be glued to technology enough once they get older.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to getting your child a gift that is slightly out of the ordinary. If you find that your young ones are getting tired of similar toys, then any of these three options should be a solid choice. All three are educational and promote some form of interaction from your child. We hope that this article has been informative.

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