StuffKidsLove Magnetic Tiles

  • EXPERIENCE the most FUN set combination available thanks to the BEST PIECE VARIETY in the market ● 12 different shapes in 5 different clear colors, more than any other set! ● Great fun for Smart Kids, Brain Training, Special Ed, STEAM.
  • 100% COMPATIBLE! Watch your kids play happily with NO incorrect POLARITY or REPELLING. Add our fantastically vibrant and unique shapes to your existing magnetic tile sets (by others like Magna Tiles, Playmags, Picasso Tiles, Stick ‘n Stack, etc)
  • STRONG MAGNETIC FORCE! MagnoMagic Shapes have the best-attracting magnets possible, without exceeding safe or legislated limits. This means that they easily connect and stick together really well.
  • Perfect for (Grand) Parents, Teachers, Kindys, Museums, Day Care, Nannys, Gallerys! Experience the Quality and Care via testing by OUR OWN KIDS of this genuine, high-quality product from our established, REPUTABLE Amazon Brand, StuffKidsLove (owner’s hand-signed and individually-numbered authenticity card is included)!
  • SAFE and KID-PROOF! ● Designed and tested to be tough ● Heat-sealed on all sides ● Will not chip, crack or break under normal usage conditions ● Large enough, can’t be swallowed ● No rivets to loosen or rust! ● Only new, non-toxic materials used ● Tested and Certified EN-71 (CE), ASTM, US CPSIA (pending)


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” -Einstein

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” -Leonardo da Vinci

INSPIRES creativity, hands-on open-ended play, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and educational value in math, science. Played alone or with friends, TEACHES imagination, patterning, shape recognition, building and motor skills to build anything you can imagine!

It makes the PERFECT GIFT (… especially for the child who ‘has everything’)!

LARGE STARTER SET WITH GREAT SHAPES! If this is your first Magnetic Shape set, make it a MagnoMagic™ Shape set! It will keep your kids enthralled thanks to 12 different shape types, with 60 ‘Standard’ Shapes (large and small squares, triangles and rectangles) + 20 ‘EXTRA SPECIAL’ Shapes including a variety of windows, turrets, and TWO vehicle chassis… Enough for two kids working together to build some great constructions.

VIBRANT COLORS! Bright Orange, Aqua Blue, Lemon Yellow, Forest Green, Brilliant Red

Translucent (see-through) shapes look like leadglass windows. TIP: Try playing with them on a light box for a fantastic effect!

Comes in a generously-sized STORAGE CASE! No more useless boxes to throw away and then wonder where you should put all your magnetic blocks. No more carry bag that’s too small to hold the whole set!



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