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  • NEVER BUY A TERRIBLE KITE AGAIN! Top Quality, hi-tech materials are used throughout. Unlike others, our kite is tough, strong, light, flexible, rust-proof, and mold-proof. Hand-made by the World’s Best kite factory, it will last forever… crash, bang, or crunch, KIDS JUST CAN’T BREAK IT!!
  • Ships from USA and EVERYTHING INCLUDED: Single-line Delta Kite measuring 60″ (150cm) Wide x 32″ (80cm) Long with 8.5ft (2.6m) Twin Tails, single 200ft (60m) anti-tangle Flying Line on Handle, Assembly and How-To-Fly Instructions, Spare Parts Kit, Durable Storage Bag with Carry Handle.
  • UNSURPASSED FLYING PERFORMANCE: Fully tested “By Kids For Kids”, easy to fly, and perfectly balanced, our kite’s vivid colors and sleek styling looks fantastic, and it virtually flies itself in almost any conditions. Let’s Go Fly a Kite!
  • Oh-so SIMPLE and VERY EASY: Comes partially pre-assembled and INCLUDES easy-to-follow ASSEMBLY instructions. And thanks to our kid-friendly tail and line clips, they’ll be flying like a pro in no time! Oh, and did we mention that it’s unbreakable…??
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT: Includes exclusive BONUSES you’ll love, like FREE replacement upon loss with our exclusive Sea-‘n’-Tree “No-Loss” Guarantee! Get ready to take off for an amazing kite flying experience…


“What could be more fun than a wide open space, a warm breeze, and a dancing kite?” -Anon

For young fliers, flying a kite is an educational adventure. They can learn about science, physics, history, culture, weather and ecology – without even thinking hard. And for adults, it’s a chance to feel young again!

This super-cool, easy-to-fly single-line ‘Ulysses’ DELTA KITE packs the very best of design and performance – and more – into one great offer.

This fantastic flyer literally dances across the sky, with a perfect balance of flight performance, color and motion. So, we named it ‘Ulysses’, inspired by the gorgeous Ulysses (‘Blue Emperor’) butterfly that flits and darts with iridescent flashes through the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia.

It makes the PERFECT GIFT!

If there is one product you really want to sport a ‘Made in China’ label, THIS IS IT! Carefully hand-built by the World’s Best Kite Factory, this kite radiates the quality and care we have put into it.

• Kite Sail and Keel made from super-strength 210T (parachute-grade) RIPSTOP polyester
• Appliqued sail construction HAND-SEWN from individually-cut, vividly colored panels
• Light, FLEXIBLE RESIN Side-Spar and Cross-Strut rods that bend …but don’t break
• Swivels, Clips and Eyelets will NEVER corrode, even when used at the beach
• Supplied Flying Line is extra-LONG (200ft or 60 meters) extra-STRONG (800D) nylon

Included BONUSES: Our exclusive SEA-‘n’-TREE No-Loss GUARANTEE, Spare Parts, DIY ‘Kite Messenger’ plan, and more…!



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