StuffKidsLove 5 Minute Sand Timer


  • This item includes the BLUE BONUS super-cute, super-popular 2-Minute TOOTHBRUSH TIMER. And there are even more BONUSES – check the Product Description for details.
  • PARENTS and TEACHERS! Immediately get our free BONUS eGuide “Amazing Facts and 31 Uses for a Sand Timer You’d Never Have Thought Of!” when you purchase!
  • GIANT-SIZE! Your 6-1/4″ (16cm) tall TimeMate Sand Timer is visible from across the room! Encouraging active participation, the bright and vibrant colors are designed to standout anywhere you use it.
  • GUARANTEED KID-PROOF! Designed and tested to be tough! Will not break under normal usage conditions, but even if it does its unique, quality construction will SAFELY CONTAIN all damaged parts. PLUS, your TimeMate Sand Timer is backed by our exclusive WEAR-‘n-TEAR ‘No-Break’ Guarantee!
  • SHIPS from the USA and is RELIABLE! Built and tested for accuracy, the inner glass bulb is completely sealed so it will never leak or suffer the effects of moisture.


Calling all Parents, Teachers and Trainers!

This outstanding TimeMate 5-Minute Sand Timer from StuffKidsLove was specifically created with Home, Classroom (including Special Ed) and Outdoor use in mind!

STOP PRESS! Comes with a BONUS BLUE super-cute super-popular Toothbrush Timer (sold elsewhere for up to $8!)! Save your kids teeth and your dentist bill. Plus get a bonus eGuide and Discount Coupon.

Quality! This is a quality product, carefully sourced and thoroughly tested by us! The all-new ABS plastic, crystal-clear acrylic, mineral glass sand, and high borosilicate glass materials are SAFE (non-toxic and EN71-compliant). A fully-sealed inner glass bulb means ACCURACY is guaranteed to within an industry-standard 30 seconds … although during our own testing we found them to be much more accurate than that, thanks to the manufacturing quality control of the World’s Best hourglass manufacturer (ISO9001 certified).

Function and Safety! Your TimeMate Sand Timer is highly visible thanks to its vibrant orange color and giant (6-1/4”) size – great for Special Ed applications. And, wow, is it ROBUST!? Excellent design and construction and rigorous testing means your Timer will withstand years of normal use without losing accuracy. Even if it does break, all damaged parts are safely contained by the outer casing! High borosilicate (medical and lab-grade) glass (also used for space shuttle thermal insulation coating) is lighter and more durable than standard glass, so it won’t shatter into dangerous splinters.

Captivating! The color, motion and novelty of your TimeMate Sand Timer will captivate and encourage active participation – whether it be in the classroom, in the living room, or in the park!

Value! Not only is this TimeMate Sand Timer excellent value, it SHIPS from the USA!! Plus it is non-electronic – no more wasting money on batteries or malfunctioning electronic timers!



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