7 Great Shapes To Build With Magnetic Tiles

7 Great Shapes To Build With Magnetic Tiles

If you are looking to buy your child a toy which will effectively stimulate their imagination and nurture their creativity, there are few better choices than toys which inspire them to build. This is the reason for the immense popularity of famous toy brands such as lego, mega bloks, and even Lincoln Logs.

There is now a new competitor in this market for construction toys, however, and it manages to blend education and fun rather seamlessly. Magnetic tiles are an excellent choice for a toy if you would like to make sure that your child learns while they play. Magnetic tiles are a highly versatile type of toy.

Magnetic tiles hexagon.

One of the reasons that magnetic tiles are so good at stimulating the creativity of children is that they don’t come with many predefined instructions. We will be providing some tips on building certain structures with these magnetic tiles over the course of this article.


One of the most common types of construct that your child can build with magnetic tiles is a house. This is a rather simple building project that is good for getting a child accustomed to using magnetic tiles. Since your basic house design consists mostly of flat sides and basic shapes, it is quite easy to make one using magnetic tiles.

The first half of making the house consists of the walls, which should be easy to accomplish using four square or rectangular tiles. Once that has been accomplished, all that is left to do is erect the roof. Your choice of the roof can be either slanted or flat, depending on the number of tiles you have left.


Castles are another idea that is similar to building a house with magnetic tiles, but slightly more complex. Think of building a castle as the next logical step after building a house since a castle is little more than a large house. Before deciding to build a castle, ensure that you have all of the necessary tiles for your design.

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There is no reason to get overly ambitious, especially if you are building your first castle. When building a castle, feel free to start small and then expand it gradually. It also helps to make sure that you have enough small triangle tiles before you begin as these work very well when making crenellations (the small “teeth” you see on the tops of castle walls).

A Garage For Other Toys

One of the great parts about magnetic tiles is that they can work well in combination with other types of toys. For example, if your child has an excess of vehicular toys and nowhere to put them, magnetic tiles can provide a solution. You can build a multi-storey garage for smaller vehicles or get even more ambitious.

For example, if your child has a large number of model airplanes, you can build a hangar out of magnetic tiles to provide a storage space. If your child has model racecars, you can even build a pit stop. Any shelter for model vehicles can be built, as long as you have a sufficient number of magnetic tiles.

Transporters For Other Toys

With the ability to add chassis to your creations with magnetic tiles, you also have the option of making vehicles in addition to static constructs such as buildings. There are many possible applications for vehicles made of magnetic tiles, but we have found a particularly interesting use for them.

This use consists of creating transporters for other toys. For example, if your child has a large number of toy cars, you could make a flatbed truck to transport them around the house. In the case of bigger toys, your child can make a train (minus the rails, unfortunately) to carry them around the house with ease.


Another very interesting application we have discovered for magnetic tiles is the ability to make mazes. The manner in which magnetic tiles attach to each other allows you to easily experiment with different designs without having to deal with the hassle of taking an excessive amount of time to deconstruct the maze.

These mazes can then be explored with other toys. Regardless of whether you made the maze and you challenge your child to find their way through it, or vice versa, it is a rather interesting idea that could do with some experimentation. It can even be combined with other ideas. For example, you can make a castle with a maze inside of it.


Another excellent idea for the use of magnetic tiles is to make signs and other written messages with them. With access to a large number of shapes in differing sizes, it is easier than you would think to make letters and numbers out of these tiles.

Regardless of whether your child would like to use tiles to decorate their room with their own personalized messages, or perhaps place them around the house, this is an idea which should be tried out. The ability to make messages out of magnetic tiles can also be combined with other ideas, like a sign for the name of a particular construct.


Another possible construct that can be made with magnetic tiles is a bridge. Bridges are an excellent way to educate your child about basic physics and other subjects.

Suspension bridge made out of magnetic tiles.

The bridges which are made can be used in combination with other toys such as miniature cars and boats, as well. This is another item which can be used in conjunction with other constructs, such as connecting two castles together.


We hope that you have enjoyed our list of ideas for use with magnetic tiles. As you can see, they are very versatile toys that can be used for a very wide variety of applications. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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