Why Magnetic Tiles Are Great For Your Kids

Why Magnetic Tiles Are Great For Your Kids

When you think of children's toys, there are a few products that come to mind very quickly. One of these products is construction bricks, such as Lego and Mega bloks. There is a reason why these products are so popular when compared to every other type of toy available for children.

Construction bricks are so popular because children love to build things. Building a construct out of legos or any other similar toy is one of the most satisfying experiences in the world for a young child. This is why magnetic tiles are one of the best choices you have regarding creative toys to buy your child.

Houses made out of magnetic tiles.

Magnetic tiles are essentially what they sound like. They are tiles in many different shapes and sizes that can be used to construct anything your child can imagine. The beauty of magnetic tiles is that they do not come with many premade instructions like Lego kits do. Your child can build almost anything they imagine with their magnetic tiles.

They Are Educational Yet Fun

The problem with many educational toys is that the manufacturers focus entirely on the educational aspect and entirely forget the “toys” aspect. What we mean by this is that educational toys often focus too much on teaching your child that they end up being unenjoyable in the first place.

The whole point of an educational toy is to ensure that your child has fun while learning and will want to repeat it. If your child tries an educational toy and finds out that it is just as boring as a classroom activity, what reason do they have to return to the toy once more?

This is one of the aspects that we love the most about magnetic tiles. Their combination of geometric shapes allows your child to learn about all sorts of shapes and solids while enjoying the experience of building whatever their heart desires.

They Are Compatible Across Most Brands

Unlike other kinds of building toys, magnetic tiles are usually always compatible with each other, even if they are bought from separate manufacturers. This is due to them functioning with magnets, and all magnets are compatible with each other. This is an advantage which cannot be stressed enough for several reasons.

For example, if there is a certain attachment that is only manufactured by a certain company, you may purchase that attachment and use it with your pre-existing magnetic tiles. This makes magnetic tiles some of the most versatile and least wasteful toys that you can buy due to this cross-brand compatibility.

Another reason why this is an excellent feature is that you can purchase your magnetic tiles without having to worry about whether your particular brand is in stock. Even better, if you see another brand on sale, you can always purchase it without having to worry about compatibility.

They Help Develop Motor Skills

Magnetic tiles are also a fine way of ensuring that your child develops motor skills starting at a young age. Since it takes a decent amount of manual dexterity to build something with magnetic tiles, you will find that it is a great way for younger children to get a head start on their motor skill development.

They Are Safer Than Other Products

One of the best parts of magnetic tiles is that they tend to be far safer than other building options. Magnetic tiles are recommended for use by children who are older than three years old. The reason that magnetic tiles are far safer than most other products is that most are simply too big to be a choking hazard.

Girl with magnetic tiles.

It would be very hard to choke on something which can barely fit in your mouth. Regardless, it is recommended that you take care to supervise children as they used their magnetic tiles just in case. They are also much more dull around the edges than other toys, so they present much less of a hazard for cuts and other injuries.

One aspect in which they are preferable for parents’ safety is that they can be stepped on without the fear of immense pain that results from stepping on a lego or other building brick. I am sure that most of us have shared the unpleasant experience of stepping on a brick in the darkness and the terrible pain that follows it.

They Are Easy To Attach And Detach

Another aspect that makes magnetic tiles so easy to use when compared to other types of building materials is the fact that magnets are far easier to attach to each other than traditional links. This allows your child to put them together with less effort than is required from legos or mega bloks.

Beyond simply making them easier to attach, it is also far easier to take them apart, since magnetic force is the only thing holding them together. Unlike Legos, where you have to pry them apart with your fingernails, you may simply pull the magnetic tiles apart with your hands.

They Are Versatile

There is a large number of constructs that can be made with magnetic tiles. One of the best aspects of magnetic tiles is that they are not sold with specific instructions on what to do with them. This means that your child can craft anything they please with them.

Movie theatre made out of magnetic tiles.

This makes them far more versatile than many other types of building toys. In fact, magnetic tiles can fill in for a lot of other toys. Especially with the addition of chassis allowing you to make vehicles, magnetic tiles are an excellent choice of toy.


All in all, magnetic tiles are an excellent choice for children both young and old. We hope that this article has helped you find out why magnetic tiles are a great alternative to other building toys. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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