A Guide To Types Of Kites: Finding The Right One For Your Needs

A Guide To Types Of Kites: Finding The Right One For Your Needs

There are a large number of kite types that you may decide to purchase. Whether you are new to kites or you would simply like something to jog your memory, we can help you identify different types of kites. We will also compare their strengths and weaknesses, as each type of kite design has certain unique aspects.

The type of kite you decide on will depend greatly on your intended use for the kite. By the end of this article, we will have gone through a large number of the more popular kites, and we will decide on the best all around choice you can make in this category of product.

Diamond Kite

The most common type of kite that you will see when you go out to the park will be the diamond kite. This is the type of kite that most people imagine when they think of kites. It gets its name from its diamond shape, featuring four sides with two pairs of sides of equal length.

Diamond kite.

A diamond kite is such a popular design because it is both well balanced and easy to learn with. Due to these excellent performance characteristics, you will find that diamond kites are the best choice for younger children who are first learning how to fly kites and even beginner adult kite flyers.

While their performance may not be overly impressive when compared to other forms of kites, they feature other advantages besides their ease of use. Unlike other types of kites, diamond kites are very easy to make on your own, meaning that the vast majority of homemade kites will fall under this category.

Delta Kite

The delta kite is one of the more popular high-performance kites. While they may be more expensive than diamond kites, this is for a good reason. Delta kites tend to be made of high-quality materials such as ripstop nylon and they feature frames made of lightweight materials for the best possible performance.

Featuring a roughly triangular shape, delta kites typically do not have the type of streamer tails that are common sights on other forms of kites. When it comes to single line deltas, few kites feature the same level of performance while being controlled by only a single line.

Deltas are very versatile kites, as they can fly in a large variety of wind conditions. This makes them ideal for areas where the wind is somewhat unpredictable. If your child demonstrates a love of kites from an early age, you might find that it would be a good idea to purchase them a delta kite.

Sled Kite

The sled kite is an excellent choice of kite if you would like to immensely cut down on the amount of time you spend setting up and packing for transportation.

The reason for this is that sled kites consist of chambers which will fill with air when you fly them into the wind.

This allows them to function with an either minimal or nonexistent frame.

Sled kite.

The frame is the part of a kite which takes up the most space when you pack it, so a kite which can do without a frame is a good choice for kite flyers who want a simple kite design. Sled kites are also surprisingly proficient regarding performance. While not competition worthy, they are simple to use.

Sled kites are an excellent choice for inexperienced and younger fliers as they are easy to transport and easy to learn how to fly. There are also sled kites available for more experienced flyers which feature a somewhat more complex design. If your child enjoys sled kites, you have a good variety of products to choose from.

Stunt Kite

Stunt kites are some of the more complex kite designs you will find available. This is because stunt kites are not meant to be controlled with only a single string, but two separate strings. This allows you to make the kite perform stunts and tricks that would simply be impossible with a single control string.

They are often in the shape of a delta, due to the aerodynamic advantages of using such a shape. The choice of a delta shape typically means that your kite will be a more expensive option than the alternatives. This is to be expected as there are rather high-performance tolerances to be expected from a stunt kite.

If you find that your child is both talented and highly interested in kite flying, a stunt kite may be the ideal purchase. It helps to be sure, however, as these kites are both expensive and rather fragile, so we would certainly not recommend them for beginner flyers. These are a good choice for your child if he or she has a good measure of experience with kites.

Novelty Kite

There is also the option of novelty kites. These kites are usually ideal choices for younger children who typically will not care for good aerodynamic performance and would prefer a kite which is eye catching. Novelty kites are hard to define due to every kite having a different shape.

Novelty kite.

The shape of your novelty kite could be an animal, like an octopus or a dragon, or it can be a machine, like a plane. Novelty kites are characterized by a good deal of effort put into their physical appearance. If you have a young one who is just getting into the kite hobby, you will find that this is an excellent choice of kite type.


All in all, if you would like a kite that manages to combine good performance with decent price range and ease of use, there are few better choices than the delta kite. Deltas are reliable and proven, so your child should greatly enjoy using their new Delta just as much as if not more than any other type of kite.

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