6 Kids Room Lighting Ideas: Lighting Made Fun

6 Kids Room Lighting Ideas: Lighting Made Fun

If you are having trouble deciding on a lighting setup for your young one's bedroom, there's no need to worry; there are plenty of options available. Over the course of this article, we will look at a bunch of different lighting options you can choose from. We will also examine the advantages and disadvantages of these lighting setups.

Whether you would like something functional or something aesthetically pleasing, there is a whole host of options available. There is also no reason to feel like you must spend an inordinate amount of money on your child’s room lighting. There are plenty of attractive options that are still relatively affordable.

Traditional Ceiling Lighting

The first option you have for lighting your child’s room is the most common option. A traditional ceiling lamp will be the most affordable choice at your disposal when it comes to providing a light source in your young one’s room.

Traditional Ceiling Lighting in kids' room.

There are a large variety of ceiling lamps at your disposal so that you can shop at almost any home renovation retailer. While this may not be the most creative option when it comes to lighting your child's room, it is a good choice if your child would prefer clean, even lighting over the entirety of their room.

LED Track Lights

LED track lighting is a good choice if you are looking for a lighting setup that is attractive regardless of whether the lights are on or off. One of the better aspects of LED lights is that they are far more energy efficient than typical incandescent light bulbs. This means that you can save on your power bill while also ensuring that your house is more ecologically friendly.

Another advantage to LED track lighting is that LED lights tend to be rather bright. This means that you will have to buy less individual lighting units for your child's room. LEDs also last for quite a long time, so you will not have to replace them very often.

Spot Lamps

Another option for kid's room lighting is the placement of spot lamps around the edges of the room. Spot lamps have the advantage of being turned on or off individually, so your child can choose exactly how much lighting they have in their room for different times of the day.

In addition to being able to toggle them individually with ease, spot lamps are also easier to reach when their light bulbs are to be replaced. Unlike ceiling lights, which may sometimes require a ladder to have their bulbs replaced, spot lamps are much more accessible.

Spot lamp in kids' room.

Spot lamps also have the advantage of being portable, so you may move them around the room if you find that the lighting is uneven. This gives your child the option of lighting which fits their needs perfectly.

Novelty Lamps

When it comes to children’s rooms, you tend to have a bit more freedom in the way you want to design them. This also applies to lighting. If you are looking for lights that will attract your child’s attention, there are plenty of options for novelty lamps. These are similar to spot lamps in many ways except for design.

A novelty lamp functions in many similar ways to a spot lamp, they simply look different. As you may have guessed from the name, novelty lamps often feature unique designs that are quite different from anything you would see in most adult rooms. These designs can often fit your child’s interests.

For example, if your child is a huge basketball fan, you could always purchase a spot lamp in which the light bulb is contained within a transparent basketball. For those children who are aviation fans, you could go with a light that is made up of luminous airplanes circling.

Night Table Lighting

There are also many lamps to consider when it comes to choosing a proper light for your child’s night tables. Night table lamps can feature all sorts of different designs on the lamp shade. This makes them rather easy to personalize for your child’s interests. For example, you can have your child’s sports team stenciled onto the shade.

There are also many choices regarding how your child can interact with their night table light. There are models of table lamp which function through touch sensitive bodies. This means that they can dim, brighten and be turned on and off through simple touch as opposed to switches or knobs.

Mixed Lighting

You also have the option of combining different types of lighting to find the perfect mix of lighting options for your child. You can combine ceiling lighting with a novelty spot lamp if you would like to ensure that your child has the option of efficient lighting for school work and other activities.

You even have the option of combining different kinds of lights within the same category. This means that you can get one spot lamp which features a more conventional design for better-diffused lighting while another spot lamp features a theme that your child enjoys maintaining the spirit of a kids' room.

This is by far the best option when it comes to deciding on the way to light your child's bedroom. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of lamps and still maintain versatility in your lighting options. The good idea is to choose at least one of each type of standard lamp: spot lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights and even night lights.


As you can see, there are many options when it comes to deciding on the lighting of your child's room. Depending on your young one's preferences, you can choose a host of different lights so that the room has varied methods of lighting that is still fun and interesting for your child.

Ceiling lights in kids' room.

We hope that this guide has been helpful for you, if there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments.

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