The Best Kites To Fly

The Best Kites To Fly

When you think of kites, you surely think of endless hours of fun for the whole family and quality time spent together. Kites these days are colorful and unique designs that will amaze you.

From butterflies and dragons to sharks and even fighter jets, modern kite designs and patterns can be endless and their colors bright. Kites are the perfect choice to take along on a day out to the park or the beach.

Kites are also great for your kids’ development. They help to improve hand/eye coordinations and overall awareness of their surroundings. Flying a kite is also a great way of getting some cardio exercise – running around after the kite is so fun, you may not even realize that you are exercising!

So, let’s have a look at a few kites and make your next outdoor trip even more fun!

1. The StuffKidsLove Delta Kite

If you are looking for a kite that is tough enough to handle tough kids then this is a superb product to consider.

This kite by StuffKidsLove is made from durable parachute nylon with rip-stop sewing and it is fixed with resin struts to keep the kite straight.  The kite will drift on water and its bright colors make it very easy to spot wherever it lands.

The kite is ideal for children or beginners because it is super easy to fly.  All you need to do is get it up in the air and you are ready to enjoy hours of fun.  

This is also a practical gift for holidays because the kite comes with a neat storage bag to keep all loose parts and accessories together.  


  • Weight – 6.4oz
  • Size – 150cm x 80cm with 2.6m tails
  • Colors – 4 mixed color options
  • Main materials – heavy duty rip-stop nylon, stainless steel and resin
  • Included – Kite, storage bag, connectors, tail, resin cross strut, spare resin cross strut, anti-tangle line on handle
  • Suitability – kids and beginners


  • The kite is made of highly durable materials
  • You get a carry bag where you can safely store everything
  • The kite is very easy to assemble
  • It is designed for easy maneuvering so kids can also enjoy kite flying
  • You can choose from various colors
  • The kite is very large and has a very long 2.6m tail 
  • You can apply for the no-loss guarantee and get a replacement if you lose your kite
  • The kite is very light which makes it suitable for flying in light winds


  • Adult assistance will be needed for young kids
  • The kite has a single line connection which means you won’t be able to steer it as with advanced kites

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2. The HENGA Kite – So Beautiful Butterfly

This HENGA kite has a very beautiful butterfly design and the colors are so bright, it will definitely draw attention. You will also not be able to miss it in the sky as the design is so lively. The manufacturers redesigned the structure of this kite to make it more stable, so flying it is a lot easier. The material that is used for the kite is also a high quality material that is durable and will help keep the kite steady in higher altitudes.

You just need a nice strong, steady wind and you will have tons of fun in no time and the kids will definitely remember the fun outing. This kite will definitely give your family a day to remember. It is also reasonably priced so it won’t break the bank, providing hours of fun for a reasonable price.


  • Weight – 6.4 ounces
  • Kite Size – 53 inches
  • Spool Included and Length – No
  • Ease of flying – Bit on the difficult side, need a strong steady wind

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3. The HONBO Huge Fighter Plane Kite

Every little boy’s dream is to have his very own fighter plane kite – and maybe even a little girl’s dream too. This HONBO fighter plante kite is definitely a conversation starter, because its unique design is bright and eye-catching.

Not only is flying a kite fun, but at the same time, you and the kids will be getting great exercise. More so than with other kites, this fighter plane kite can really capture your child’s imagination and spirit of play. They won’t even notice that they’re running around getting a cardio workout or improving hand/eye coordination. This kite can also develop your kid’s imagination and creativity and improve concentration.

The HONBO kite is made from ripstop polyester fabric, which is lightweight and very durable, so it will withstand strong winds. The rods are also made from polyester – these are strong and lightweight. This is a great kite if you are just starting out, as it is so easy to assemble and fly.


  • Weight – 3.2 ounces
  • Kite Size – 58 inches wide and 42 inches long
  • Spool Included and Length – Yes, with 200ft of line
  • Ease of flying – Easy to manage but require a strong steady wind

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4.The Mint’s Colorful Life Owl

Looking for something that is a bit different than most other kites? This would definitely be an option to consider! The owl design is actually very easy to fly and manage. The colors are very bright, which is more important than you think – the distinctive design guarantees you won’t lose track of your kite, even when falling into the sea.

The high grade ripstop nylon is very durable and strong, but super lightweight, and the rods are strong and durable as well. The design is also very easy to put together without complications. Included with the purchase of this kite, you will also receive a kite handle and 300 feet of string, so you can really take the kite to new heights.

The manufacturers are also confident in their product and offer great customer service. They give the product a 2 year accessories warranty with free replacement, plus a free replacement of your kite should it get stuck in a tree or get stolen by the wind. All you need to do is to register your ID to qualify for these great deals.


  • Weight – 7 ounces
  • Kite Size –30 x 28 x 118 inches
  • Spool Included and Length – Yes with 300ft string
  • Ease of flying – Very easy to fly, preferably not in very strong winds

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5. The Anpro Large Delta Kite

Here’s a kite manufactured from a high quality tear-resistant polyester fabric, as well as flexible rods made from fiberglass. To ensure that the kite doesn’t tear in the wind, it has reinforcements at each point that will also prolong the life of the kite.

Playtime for you kids will also improve their hand/eye coordination and their space awareness. It is a great way to get a cardio workout with all the running around that they will be doing. You as a parent will also get some exercise without you even realising it, while you are having a great family time experience.

The Anpro is a great kite to take with you to the beach or park or even in your backyard. It is ideal for traveling, as it even comes with a small traveling bag, setup is so easy, and folding it back up is as well. The bag also protects the kite better while you are storing it, prolonging the lifetime of the kite.


  • Weight – 6.4 ounces
  • Kite Size – 143 x 73 cm and tail length 140 cm
  • Spool Included and Length – Yes and 30m of string
  • Ease of flying – Easy to fly and manage

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6. The HENGA Kite – Black Shark 

You could be the terror in the sky with this black shark printed kite, definitely something out of the ordinary. The printing is very unique and you won’t be able to miss this in the sky. Printed on a high quality polyester it is lightweight but yet very durable. The rods are manufactured from fiberglass making it strong and durable but the main thing is, it is also lightweight.

Being lightweight the kite easily gets off into the air and in no time you will have fun, flying your kite in the air. You will be spending quality time together with your family and you kids will most definitely not forget the fun day that they had. Whether you are running around on the beach or having a nice relaxing day in the park or just in an open field close to home.

Besides having fun, you will also be getting a workout and your kids will also be improving their hand/eye coordinations and overall awareness of their surroundings. So not only is it fun but great for your health.


  • Weight – 5.6 ounces
  • Kite Size – 155 x 160 cm
  • Spool Included and Length – No
  • Ease of flying – Bit on the difficult side, need a strong steady wind.

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7. The HENGA Kite – Mermaid 

The printing is so bright and beautiful and there are a lot of details that went into the printing. Every little girl will just adore this kite if they love mermaids. The colors are very vibrant and look amazing up in the air.

Being lightweight the kite easily gets into the air and it is easy to manage while it is up there in the sky. The rods are made from fibreglass, which is strong and durable, holding up great in wind and lightweight as well makes flying the kite also easier. The material is high-class and very durable and helps to keep the kite steady up in the air.

This kite will assure you of hours of fun on the beach , back yard or an open field. Spending quality time together with your family is a blessing and everyone will have an enjoyable and unforgettable time.


  • Weight – 2.4 ounces
  • Kite Size – 45 x 49 inches
  • Spool Included and Length – Flying line included
  • Ease of flying – Easy to fly but doesn’t hold up in stronger winds.

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8. The Unicorn Kite 

This is a great kite for a beginner or a small child, it is lightweight and so easy to manage. Manufactured from a high grade cloth it is not only lightweight but also makes managing the kite very easy. The colours are bright and beautiful and you will most definitely not miss it while it is there up in the sky.

This kite is also great for traveling as you can easily fold it back up and put it into the traveling bag that you receive with it. The traveling bag also protects the kite from any damages, ensuring a longer lifespan for the kite.

This is a great way of also getting the family out of the house and enjoying a fun day out making great memories. Getting some sun on the skin and some exercise with that. Your kids will also develop much needed life skills while they are playing around with the kite. Hand/eye coordination, endurance, patience and awareness of surroundings are just a few of the great benefits of flying a kite.


  • Weight – 3.98 ounces
  • Kite Size – 45 x 80 inches
  • Spool Included and Length – Yes with 300ft of string
  • Ease of flying – Easy to manage and fly but strong winds might be a problem.

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Buyer’s Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, everything is in such a hurry, we don’t get to spend quality time with each other. Instead of family dinner or game night, kids are playing video games the whole time. We don’t get the family bonding that’s so important in our lives. But you can change that, and improve the bond between parents and kids with something as simple as a kite.

So, let’s have a final look at all of these beautiful kites you can get for your family!

The HENGA Kites Beautiful Butterfly

With its bright blue colors, this butterfly kite will truly capture attention once it is high up in the sky. Produced from high class material, this kite is lightweight and soars in the air. The high quality of the material also helps to steady the kite while it is flying high in the sky. This kite might be a bit more on the expensive side, but it’s a great option if you value durability.

The HONBO Huge Fighter Plane Kite

If you have a little kid that is crazy about a fighter plane, you can make their dream come true with this kite. They will be able to fly their very own fighter plane. The bright colors of the plane will be very easy to spot in the sky and the material that the plane is made of is very lightweight. This allows the kite to reach high altitudes very easily, and it’s supported by a strong 200 feet string.

The Mint’s Colorful Life Owl Bird Kite

This beautiful owl shape kite is out of the ordinary. Both the form and details on the kite are truly striking. The design of the kite allows the kite to fly steady and with ease, so it is great for beginners and experienced kite fliers alike. The ripstop nylon material is strong and lightweight, and with that you will get a 300 feet string so you can really test the kite’s high flying abilities.

The Anpro Large Delta Kite

If you prefer something more on the traditional side, then you might prefer this kite. The colors are bright and beautiful, the material is a polyester fabric that is very sturdy and helps to steady the kite while flying. The fiberglass rods are lightweight and strong, and the kite also has reinforcement points to prevent it from tearing. The great thing about this kite is that it folds back up easily so you can store it, making it great for traveling.

The HENGDA KITE for Kids Lifelike Black Shark

This shark kite will definitely make you the terror in the skies. The details on this kite are breathtaking, and the kite handles really well. Made from lightweight materials, it gets into the air with ease and is also very durable in stronger winds. Being reasonably priced, this is a great option to purchase as a beginner’s kite.

The HENGDA Cartoon Mermaid Kite

The beautiful eye catching colors will grab your kids’ attention immediately. These beautiful kites fly very easily and pick up in winds with a level 3-4 wind speed. The sturdy build will ensure that it holds up in stronger winds. The material also holds the color and keeps it from fading easily.

The Unicorn Kite 

Everyone loves mythical creatures and this kite has a beautiful unicorn on it, printed in bright colors. The high grade cloth will aid in stability while it is flying and flying the kite is very easy. This is a great option for a beginner due to the ease in flying this kite.


In this review, we had a look at some beautiful kites, and we are quite sure that you have one in mind that you would like to purchase for your next trip to the beach or park. Kites can truly be lots of fun for the whole family. Just make sure that no high trees, buildings, or electrical wires are close by.

Go get your kite and start enjoying loads of fun with your little ones!

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